A selection from the series THE REVENANTS

"I change, but I cannot die"
Shelley, The Cloud

This series of photographs was made on daily visits to an ornamental pool on the university campus in Southampton (Hampshire, England) where I work, over the course of a year.  More specifically, the series records some of the objects that found their way into the pool,  whether as simple wind-blown litter, or as semi-conscious offerings to tutelary spirits.  

A revenant is defined as "one who has returned (from death, exile, etc.), a ghost". As well as the likes of Hamlet's father, the word well describes these spectral bits and pieces which reappear, in different guises, day after day in the pool.

In nova fert animus mutatas dicere formas corpora
Ovid, Metamorphoses

Of shapes transformde to bodies straunge, I purpose to entreate
Arthur Golding 1567

Of bodies chang'd to other shapes I sing
George Sandys 1632

Of bodies chang'd to various forms, I sing
Sir Samuel Garth 1717

Animus  my mind  fert  inclines [me]  dicere  to speak of  formas  forms  mutatas  changed  in nova corpora  into new bodies
Rev. Dr. Giles 1862

My soul is wrought to sing of forms transformed
to bodies new and strange
Brookes More 1922

Of bodies changed to other forms I tell
A.D. Melville 1986

Mike Chisholm, 2006


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